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Some Smart Traveling Apps for Bloggers

travel apps for bloggersBloggers are called as nontraditional journalists, as they involve in a journalistic function in a slight informal manner. One of the main things in blogging is called ‘blog update’ which is considered vital for gaining higher ranks. However, sometimes, bloggers have to come across certain circumstances, when updating their blog, or in more appropriate

words, managing their blogs becomes a bit problematic. However, thanks to Smartphone apps, the problem seems to be no more existent.
In the case, you are on a business or personal trip and unable to reach your blog via PC, your smartphones can help you manage your blog during the trip. In the following, some very smart travelling apps are listed that can not only make your journey more pleasant but also help you manage your blog. So, you can update the blog, write the posts, share them on social media, and can do many more other things.

1: WordPress Apps:
WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms. You can download its app on your IPhone, Android or IPad and can manage your WordPress blog easily. This will not only enable you to write new posts, but also moderate the comments and edit the existing pages. The only thing to enjoy this app is to have a WordPress or self-hosted blog and a Smartphone.
2: Google Maps:
While travelling, if you are able to install Google Maps application on your smartphone, you can save yourself from getting astray. This app will help you see the streets in the nearby area, find the hotels and shopping malls etc. You can get direction and search for local businesses as well.
3: VoIP
Who is not aware of Skype? In order to remain in touch with your friends and family back at home, you can install VoIP apps on your Smartphone device. Whether you use Vonage, Axvoice or Ooma, you can get the mobile apps for your preferred service provider and enjoy calling FREE back at home and friends. Moreover, if you do not have the package activated, you can download the FREE apps and can sign up for the package of your choice on the website of the service provider.
4: Google Reader
Bloggers are habitual of keeping track of blogs they love to read. This helps them stay updated of the latest trends, and getting the latest information on given subjects. People use Google Reader on their laptops, but when they are travelling, they might not have access to internet or their laptop. So, Google Reader app helps you not to miss any great post, while you are on a journey.
5: Droidsense:
Google analytics is one of the main tools for blog/website management. Although, there is no official Google analytics release for smartphones, but another application Droidsense can give you a bit compensation for analytics. You can view the data of past 30 days, with total page views, visitors, pages per visit, bounce rate, and many other innovative features. However, Droidsense is not a free app, so you will have to pay $0.85 for getting it on your device.
6 & 7: ColorNote/ EverNote Notepad:
If you are to just write some content for your blog, or have to jot down a memo, these two apps will help you do that. ColorNote is a simple app, which helps you make a ‘to do list’ and organize it by colors. You can get this note taking app from Android market for FREE. On the other hand, EverNote is like Dropbox as it saves your notes and then gives you access to them from any device.
This is helpful, because if you lose or sell your phone, you will not lose the stored data. Moreover, it’s more than mere a simple notepad, as you can store snapshots and recordings as well, and it will synchronize the files as per your device. Searching a particular file is very easy as you can find it with the help of any given key word or predefined tags.
There are probably thousands of apps available; however, the selection of the most suitable one, which could help you manage your life and business easily, is a tough job. Above written apps are very useful, but you can go to your device’s app store and choose the one, which are more rewarding and helping for you. Particularly, before downloading some paid app, you need to carefully analyze its importance and vitality for you and your business. If you think that marginal utility of downloading it exceeds the marginal cost, you should go for it.
You can download all these apps from their respective sites (some links are given above). If you are looking for model-specific apps, you might like to check Mobile 9.
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