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Robot fish to find debris in the river

Emerging technologies robot fish poisk musoraProbably many have noticed how much contaminated water, whether river, lake or sea. Throughout the world, especially in the ports can be seen floating on the water surface litter, but can contaminate water and various substances that can not always be noticed. To solve the problem of water pollution, scientists have designed and built a fish robot designed to search for water
pollution. Thus, people can more quickly locate debris or other cause pollution and purify the water in a timely manner. In addition to patrol ports, robotic fish can be used to monitor the diver and rescue operations.

It is now being tested robotic fish in the northern Spanish port of Gijon. The robot was specially made in the form of fish, which allows the robot to fit into the environment so as not to embarrass the other fish and animals with their presence. Five-meter robot fin on the back can move like a real fish. The robot determines the contaminants through special sensors. The data obtained, the robot transfers to shore station. The presence of artificial intelligence allows the robot to avoid obstacles, analyze your location, calculate the time to return to base if the battery charge is naiskhode. In total, the battery charge lasts for eight hours. Robotic fish designed to detect water pollution have been tested in the Port of Gijon, Spain.
Project manager is Luke Speller
Emerging technologies robot fish poisk musora

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