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Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names Sold in 2012

Today, I want to share with you the top 10 most expensive domain names sold in 2012. This list was recently released by DNJournal.

10. Sold for $310,000
Sold Date : 09-05-2012
Sold via -

9. Sold for $325,000
Sold Date: 06-06-2012
Sold Via : Toby Clements Newsletter

8. Sold for $325,000
Sold Date: 13-10-2012
Sold via : Pvt Sale

7. Sold for $350,000
Sold Date : 21-11-2012
Sold via : FindYourDomain

6. Sold for $500,000
Sold Date : 18-01-2012
Sold via : Moniker

5. Sold for $500,000
Sold Date : 13-10-2012
Sold via : Pvt Sale

4. Sold for $500,000
Sold Date : 31-10-2012
Sold via : Sedo

3. Sold for $500,000
Sold Date : 07-11-12
Sold via : Pvt Sale

2. Sold for $1,000,000
Sold Date : 29-02-2012
Sold via : DomainNameSales

1. Sold for $2,450,000
Sold Date : 14-12-12
Sold via : Pvt Sale

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