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How to Become a Teacher


  1. STEP 1

    Select your field of study

    Enroll in an education program at an accredited college or university. Degrees are generally available in Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, and Adolescent/Young Adult Education.
  2. Education requirements vary by state and by type of school, so check with your state’s Department of Education for up-to-date information. Licensing requirements also differ for preschool, parochial, and vocational teachers.
  3. STEP 2

    Complete your coursework

    Complete your college’s general studies requirements along with your education coursework. Most programs have a minimum grade point average requirement.
  4. STEP 3

    Choose specialized content

    Choose a specialized field of study, such as music or Spanish. Be aware that such avenues may involve additional certification requirements, such as studying abroad.
  5. Some states have instituted an alternative licensure program, which allows people with a bachelor’s degree to teach in their major without the required education units.
  6. STEP 4

    Finalize student teaching

    Complete the required student teaching hours. You will be supervised in the classroom to gain practical experience.
  7. STEP 5

    Earn your license

    Pass your final licensure examination in your chosen field of study. Upon passing, apply for a teaching license in your state.
  8. Early formal teacher preparatory schools originated in some of the German states in the 18th century.

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